Black Medicine Coffee Co.
About BM
Black Medicine is a coffee shop. Not a pet shop, nor a jazz quintet. It is not a branch of specsavers, and it is not a doctor's surgery.

It is a coffee shop.

Right, now that we've established that, let us begin... fact, it is not an 'it' either, being more a 'they', seeing as how there are two outposts, both selling delicious coffee-based products and other non-coffee-based (but very-good-with-a-coffee) products. The second branch, should you wish to visit that, is on Barclay Terrace, at the west side of The Meadows.

Let us begin again...

The centre of the Black Medicine "empire", 'though not geographically, is the original store, sitting proudly on the corner of Nicolson Street and Drummond Street. If it were the geographical centre, which would be physically impossible, it would sit somewhere on Simpson's Loan, which is in the Quartermile development. I wouldn't like that.

Green is it's colour of choice, although if you are colourblind it may appear to be red. We make no apology for this however as it would look odd if it were any other colour. Yellow, for example, would look horrific.

Internally, it is a veritable woodsman's delight, being mainly constructed of wood. The walls are made of stone, being as it is a stone building. The coffee-making-machinery is made of several materials, most notable of which would be stainless steel. The staff are, by and large, made of natural, organic materials, such as flesh, bone, hair etc, although the odd piece of metal may extrude from some of them in small quantities. Do not worry - this is not shrapnel.

Coffee may come to you in a variety of vessels: large ceramic cup, small ceramic cup, tiny ceramic cup, large paper cup, medium paper cup, small paper cup, tiny paper cup, your own 'travel' mug. "Which of these will I get?" you may be wondering. This will depend entirely upon what you order, in what quantity and whether you are taking out or sitting in.

Food comes in many forms, as we all know. Black Medicine will offer you several varieties of foodstuff, ranging from delicious Jaffacakes and crisps through to the more nourishing filled ciabatta, panini, bagels and soup. Cake is here too.

Should you wish to drink something other than coffee, a fine selection of teas, hot chocolate, fruit juices, freshly made fruit smoothies, milkshakes and soft drinks are available.
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Whilst Dougal and Roger are not technically 'staff', it is important that we include them. They are, after all, the owners and main men of BM. They are also the law in these here parts, and as such should be addressed at all times as 'Sheriff One' and 'Sheriff Two' - which way round you have them is entirely up to yourself. They have cells in the basement, so please adhere to their laws.

Dougals hobbies seemingly include: buying worn-out VW Campers, raising children and guinea pigs, growing his thick mane of hair and diy.

Roger, I'm not so sure about. Perhaps he's a spy... (SHH!)

There is a third who should be mentioned: Stu, who runs BM2 at Barclay Terrace. His hobby is visiting A&E. Apparently.

The other staff at BM are many and varied. To tell you about them here, in mere pixels, would be to do them a disservice.

So I won't.

Come in and meet them for yourself, but - and I really can't stress this strongly enough - do not remove them from the premises!
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There are many regulars at BM, although some have taken it upon themselves to leave the beautiful city of Edinburgh. The cheek! They will not be mentioned here, their fickle nature having insulted us for the last time. THE LAST TIME I SAID!

But good luck to them all, wherever they may be... the treacherous swine!

Some old regulars may have moved away, but new ones have filled their spots. There are too many to mention, but if you come in regularly enough, you'll spot them. And you'll be one too!
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Contact Us
You have 3 choices:
  • - you can come in and have a nice coffee
  • - phone us on (0131) 557 6269
  • - or email Dougal at:
Staff vacancies will appear in the window, so please only apply in person by handing in your CV when you see one and are interested.
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